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All Natural

Organic Quilted Blanket


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  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sateen with a poly fill
  • 300 thread-count
  • Measures 47” x 47”
  • This all natural cotton has not been processed or dyed
  • Packaged in a mango wood box for a memorable and unique baby gift experience
  • Designed in Brooklyn. Made in India.

The All Natural baby quilt is the absolute most natural form of cotton available on the market. This cotton has not been processed or dyed; it has simply been woven and washed. If you look closely, you will see small black specs within the fabric, these are the seeds from the cotton plant, still visible because of the minimal processing. The hand-feel on this fabric is smooth and soft, making this quilt perfect for tummy time.  This organic baby blanket is perfect for families who are looking for a minimal look and a completely natural fabric.

Our All Natural baby quilt comes packaged in a wooden box made from mango wood, local to India where the packaging is produced. Our packaging makes our crib sheets and baby blankets the perfect baby gift. We recommend that families reuse our box in their pantry, closet, or on their changing table.  The quilt box is even big enough for storage on closet shelves or toy bins that go under that bed.


This cotton was woven in the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in India. Our facotry, a vertical manufacturer, does everything from grow the cotton bolls, to weave the cotton, to print on the fabric, to cut & sew the final product. The female owner and operator is committed to producing cotton organically and sustainably, which is why she owns the farms in the countryside as well as the factory outside of Delhi. They work to ensure quality as well as transparency across the entire farming and manufacturing process.

When we asked our factory if they could produce products with completely unprocessed cotton, they said they could only produce a final fabric on which the black cotton seeds are visible. Perfection! The execution of this gorgeous, all natural organic baby quilt is exactly what we wanted. And the smooth, soft texture was even better than we expected.

The All Natural quilt has not been processed or dyed. This is cotton in its natural state. Perfect.

Use & Care:

Be sure to use gentle detergents (for the quilt and more importantly, for your baby’s skin!), and it will help if you wash with cold water, which is also better for the environment.